It’s Easy to be Green (and Fun) (A Book List)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Love this day. It celebrates my favorite color, and beer, and leprechauns and the Irish. The holiday is so much more than that, I know. This is the celebration Ireland’s patron saint and its culture. A beautiful culture by the way.

And the leprechauns….

This one:


Not this one:




Thank you, Neil Gaiman for American Gods.


Here, I’ve got a special list of books of which I’ve picked out according to the specific guidelines listed below in celebration of

  • Books with green or luck in the title.
  • Books with green covers.
  • Books that take place in Ireland.
  • Can’t be in the middle of a series but can start one because it would be awkward to start in the middle of a journey, though not unheard of. I’m guilty of this, but still.
  • Books about St. Patrick’s Day (I couldn’t find one! I am now dying to read a YA book about luck, magic, Celtic culture, and St. Patrick’s day. Artemis Fowl is close, but just doesn’t cut it even though this spoiled, evil child is out for gold and magic.)

Here we go:

Love and Luck

Love + Luck
Author: Jenna Evans Welsh


The Lucky One

The Lucky One
Author: Nicholas Sparks


The Green Mile

The Green Mile
Author: Stephen King


Freaky Green Eyes

Freaky Green Eyes
Author: Joyce Carol Oates



Author: Maddie Condle


Maze Runner

The Maze Runner
Author: James Dashner



Author: A.G. Howard


Anne of Green Gables - Penguin Books Australia

Anne of Green Gables
Author: L.M. Montgomery


Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl
Author: Eoin Colfer



Author: Gregory McGuire


Grab a beer and settle in, though I must say, it’s not easy to read while tipsy. I know from personal experience.Either the book tips sideways or I do. That or the words move and that makes reading difficult. However, there are some good ones on this list!

Have an amazing GREEN day and be safe. Love you, book nerds.


more to come soon…



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Have other books inspired by this list? Tell me about them in the comment section below.


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