Just Around the River Bend (Wind in the Willows – A Book Review)

The Wind in the Willows
Author: Kenneth Grahame
Published: 1908

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 Wind in the Willows

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“Look, baby! There goes the great Mr. Toad! And that’s the gallant Water Rat, a terrible fighter, walking o’ long him! And yonder comes the famous Mr. Mole, of whom you so often have heard your father tell!”

In the Wild Wood, Mole, Water Rat, Badger, and the troublesome Toad with his need for speed on a motor car, go on harrowing and fantastical adventures. From a wintery night in the Wild Wood to escaping jail, these creatures whisk away its readers through a magical story. True friendship is experienced and tested with each new obstacle and they’ll rely on each other to make it through.


This book marks 5 out of 25 authors, from my New Year’s resolution, that I’ve never read from before. I really wanted to put some classics on this list to encourage and widen my interests. This was such a great choice.


Young. Old. It doesn’t matter. This is an amazing story for every age. Much like Winnie the Pooh, this story really personifies these bumbling animals, allowing them to act and do a lot of what humans do. The personification isn’t a lick out of place. Rather, it’s enchanting and felt completely natural, really sweeping me further away into this magical place with these characters.

Wind in the Willows

I must say, Toad is so troublesome! He’s inconsiderate, careless, and rather rude! He’s very lucky to have friends like Mole, Water Rat and Badger. I would’ve flung his slimy bum out in the snow. He truly wound me up and had me looking very angry. Crazy, amphibian…

The book isn’t very long. Definitely one you can read in one sitting. The description from the setting of the Wild Wood to how the animals speak is so beautiful. Every inch of this book is lush and beautiful and wondrous.

The writing is just…I’m seriously speechless. But, something has to be said for something so lyrical. There are songs and poems strewn throughout by the characters. The way each bit flows from the world of the Wild Wood to the homes of the animals to their speech, really swooned me. I could sway to Grahame’s language. Get lost and stay that way. It was just magnificent. So much depth, yet completely accessible.

I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about this book. I laughed, I scowled, I enjoyed is so much. I always think that classics should be on everybody’s reading list. There are some you like more than others, of course. This one is one of those one I like the best.



“Beyond the Wild Wood comes the Wide World.” (Rat to Mole, p. 18)

“The poetry of motion! The real was to travel! The only way to travel! Here today – in next week tomorrow!” (Toad, p. 35)

“There seemed to be no end to this wood, and no beginning, and no difference in it, and, worst of all, no way out.” (Mole, p. 48)

“He sang as he walked, and he walked as he sang, ad got more inflated every minute, But this pride was shortly to have a severe fall.” (Toad, p. 154)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? A Place Called Home by Kim Richey.


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