We’ll Always Have Our Memories (The Light of Ives: Memories Remain – A Book Review)

The Light of Ives: Memories Remain
Author: Kristin Trangas
Published: 2017

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Light of Ives

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Life on Emerald Lake isn’t exciting for Lucy. More than anything, she wants to leave and explore the world outside of it. As an Isleyn, she must learn how to have full control her abilities before she can do that. That means being in tune with another person’s emotions, be able to read them and help them feel at peace.

Then suddenly she’s given and internship in the outside world and she could be more excited. Maribel Springs is quaint and cute, but then Lucy spots trouble. An Indomite named Fax. The Indomites are believed to be responsible for so much suffering, but Lucy can’t help having feeling for this one.

This could mess up her internship and whatever chance she has to prove herself to her parents.


I couldn’t get behind this book completely. There. I said it.


The story was great! I really liked the Isleyns and Indomites. These two cultures were incredibly unique and a whirlwind of intrigue. They’re both so different and have wonderful abilities. They’re so imaginative.


The story was one of healing and learning and I loved that! The romance that developed between Lucy and Fax seemed so secondary and that was cool. Romance have to be up front. There were so many elements that blended together really wonderfully.

However, the problems I had with connecting to this story was that I got confused at parts. Bits of information about these characters felt as if they came out of nowhere and were completely random. I couldn’t handle Lucy’s random outburst of anger either. It was 1 to 100 REAL quick, and over situations that were eye roll and lip snarling worthy. It threw me off with how overdramatic these parts could be.

I’m a big fan of showing. If you’ve been with me for a while you know that that’s a big thing for me when reading a book. It’s hard to get into a book when it’s bulk is the author explaining everything to you. That’s how it felt. This book was more of a telling than a showing. I don’t get that great of a smooth visual when I’m being told everything. It was bulky and too much at times. Give me the details while the story is happening! Let me SEE it. I would’ve loved it so much more that way.


This book is really sweet and I love the kind of books where characters are just searching for freedom. It really inspires people to do the same. And to see Lucy find more than she expected was so enlightening. However, I was held back from finding true love with this book. There was just too much that threw me off regarding structure. So, this wasn’t a book for me. Sometimes that happens. I’ve noticed that plenty of people really enjoyed it and I tried, but just didn’t quite get there.



“In reality, it didn’t make a difference whether she had the highest grades or the lowest. Despite having always been complimented for her ability to read emotions with such clarity and perception in class, if she was unable to use her gifts here, her academic performance would be meaningless.” (Lucy, p. 147)

“She wanted to follow her emotions for once without guilt or doubt.” (Lucy, p. 388)

“If only he could be burned into her mind forever…” (Lucy, p. 1027)


More to come soon…



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