To Heaven or Hell With Them (Marked – A Book Review)

Marked (Servants of Fate #1)
Author: Sarah Fine
Published: 2015

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In post-apocalyptic Boston,

Supernatural factions battle

For human souls.

 In a world that’s been swamped by environmental collapse—coasts have flooded, countries have gone dry or iced over, and disease has spread—Boston paramedic and heiress, Cacia-Cacy-Ferry risks her life on the front lines in the dangerous city. What most don’t know is that she also ferries those who die on to the afterlife. That’s right, she goes into limbo to make sure souls go where they need to go, whether to heaven or to the fiery depths of hell.

Enter, new transfer and partner to Cacy, Eli Margolis, who has a past of his own, and who’s only concerned with making sure his sister is safe. Though wary of the Ferry family, Eli finds himself attracted to Cacy. Cacy isn’t sure about jumping into a relationship, but she can’t stay away from Eli either. But, when he’s marked for death, Cacy will do whatever it takes to save him, even risk her future, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her and his sister.

This book marks 13 out of 25 authors, from my New Year’s resolution, that I’ve never read from before. Every once in a while…okay a little more than that, I will pluck a book at random to give myself a chance to read something new. This is one of them.

A death rocks the Ferry family and Cacy won’t stop until she finds out who did it. She blames the Ker-vicious, sharp toothed, red eyed, greedy creatures that mark people for death, much like the fates. The Ferry an Ker factions are close to war and Eli has no idea just how in the middle of it he and his sister are. And let me just say, I wish I knew more about these factions. There wasn’t enough information on them at the start. It was about halfway through the novel that I had a hook on them and how they worked.

This book was intense, steamy, and supernatural. I was just hanging on for dear life as Cacy’s and Eli’s lives collided. This was so action packed whether from heart pumping danger or seriously sexy moments that were breath stealing. I really enjoyed it. This was certainly one of those stories filled with drama, romance, and everything else under the sun. It’s fantastic and shock worthy! There was a lot I didn’t see coming.

Side note: This isn’t YA. It contains mature language and sexual content. However, that’s not to say young adults can’t it shouldn’t read it. They’ll read whatever they please. This is just a warning that it actually doesn’t fall into that genre.

I get really into world-building and this one was really interesting. Our planet is in a bit of a rough spot as it is with climate change and pollution, so Fine’s creation/morph of the world in her book is nice! She captured future in which the world rages back against humanity incredibly and realistically. A third of the world was wiped out from disease and from there everything else just collapsed. People are stealing organs like plucking apples from a tree, and technology has advanced so that vehicles can drive right on to the water and medical supplies It’s so creative, yet a great way to play on the real world. This alone really got me interested in reading this.


The chemistry between Cacy and Eli was electrifying! They’re hot and cold and HOT! It’s gasp worthy. They connected instantly and I couldn’t get enough. The build-up was enough to make me pop.

I loved that they both had a story and that they collided. They’re incredible together—a wildfire blazing in a dark world. Eli doesn’t come off as a hot shot nor an overly broody man. The way that Cacy is so straightforward, knowing what she wants, and she’s strong is powerful and endearing. I love a female character like this, especially because she kicks ass and takes names. Both she and Eli propel into danger for those they care about. That trait is always one that sweeps me off my feet.

Dead of Winter

Fine’s writing was incredible. It was entertaining and gripping. I couldn’t put this book down! My heart skipped beats. My pulse was racing. The supernatural element was fresh and original. However, I did find it a little confusing every once in a while. I wish the way the way Cacy’s supernatural ability worked was more accessible. Every once in a while, it just didn’t get through to me or was a little repetitive. I did think it was interesting, how dark and light intermingled with how heaven and hell were described by Cacy. I just wish the imagery had been stronger with limbo, the marked, the coin that moved the dead to their afterlives, and the Ker.

Overall, this was a pretty good book. This wasn’t a what I consider a literary piece, but it was a fun ride! There many parts I reread because I couldn’t get enough. I hope to find the second book sometime in the future. For those of you that enjoy really in depth, supernaturally original. Oh, and this is totally not YA.


“Life isn’t fair, Cacy, and neither is death.” (Dec to Cacy, p. 58)

“I’m on your side, Eli. There is more going on here than you understand, but there one thing you can count on. She. Is. Yours.” (Moros to Eli, p. 210)

“I see you better than you see yourself.” (Cacy to Eli, p. 283)

“I don’t believe in deserving. You haven’t deserved most of what has happened to you. But it happened anyway. So did we.” (Cacy to Eli, p. 285)

More to come soon…


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