Double Double Witchy Toil and Drama (Double Eclipse – A Book Review)

Double Eclipse (Summer on East End #2)
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Published: 2016

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Double Eclipse - Goodreads

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Dear Diary…we’re back.

Twin witches, Molly and Mardi Overbrook are spending another summer in East End with their aunts, Freya and Ingrid. This year they’re avoiding trouble and dedicating themselves to actually enjoying their summer. Mardi is hoping to deepen her new relationship with her boyfriend, Trent and Molly is hoping to forget about her disaster of a relationship from last year. She does just that when she meets the son of the local bartender, Rocky.

When their mother shows up with a mysterious prophecy involving the two of them, their vacation as well as their sisterhood is threatened. Their having strange dreams, father, the great Thor, is hurt, and their emotions are causing strange surges with their powers. They must try to come together if they hope to calm the coming storm that threatens all of East End.


Triple Moon

Triple Moonhere

In another whirlwind of a summer, the girls are discovering even more about themselves and that comes with a large amount of magic and heartbreak. Great turmoil grows between Mardi and Molly as their mom tries to get them to fulfill a prophecy.

Double Eclipse

I’m super excited that I finally got to the sequel of Triple Moon. The fire and fierceness was still crackling in this book with Molly and Mardi getting their feisty witchiness on.

This book picks up the summer following last in Triple Moon. The style is steady and really stayed in tune with the characters and the previous book. Mardi and Molly stayed true to themselves; Mardi being fierce and bold, and Molly being elegant and timeless. With new bombs dropping on the Overbrook twins, so many secrets and issues came to light, really testing the twins’ bond. All that magic tied in? Oh boy…

The POV changed up since the first book. The book still flips between Molly and Mardi which is really neat because while they are twins, they are incredibly different. But, the story is told from their diaries which is unique. It adds to their character, Molly being more classic with writing in a diary and Mardi writing on what I’m guessing is either her cell phone or a laptop.

Double Eclipse - Scarlet Reader

(And when I think about it, Nina Dobrev would be a nice fit as the Overbrook twins.)

And the new hottie addition, Rocky, the new hottie on the scene, made me blush! Sadly, previous hottie, Trent, blipped out. It made me upset. He peeked in and then disappeared and I was really looking forward to seeing him again.

There were a lot of open ends left by the end that I had a few questions too. When that happens, I get irritated. According to Goodreads, there isn’t another book coming either, so I’m a little annoyed that those questions will remain unanswered. It drives me crazy!



This was like Gossip Girl meets Charmed. Double double toil and drama! Summer may be over, but this was a great summer read. Even though I had a lot questions at the end and it made me feel unfulfilled, I still loved it. It’s original and sparking with magic on every page.



“What is it with gods and secrets?” (Molly, p. 37)

“Life is not a gift that can be taken back. It belongs to all sentient creatures—forever.” (Janet, p. 106)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? All Good Things (Come to an End) by Nelly Furtado


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