Speedy Quote Sunday

Speedy Quote Sunday

Everybody has those quotes from books that are memorable and leave prints on their lives. Here are a few of mine.


“Noble cuts like a blade to the heart.” (The Dark Calling, Kresley Cole)

Very true. Sometimes doing the right thing, knowing in your bones that it’s all good and should leave you feeling good about it, can leave you feeling broken and hurt because it breaks your heart. It is like a blade and that bitch really hurts. Unlike actually getting stabbed (which I don’t know how it feels) lasts a far shorter time than it does to get emotionally stabbed in the heart.


“Thinking of your parents being young is like is like thinking of Winnie-the-Pooh going to the bathroom: just fucking weird.” (Thanks for the Trouble, Tommy Wallach)

There are some things that are just hard to imagine. Winnie-the-Pooh going to the bathroom is one of them. The bear already lacks pants. Just…odd. Thinking about my mom being young? That is a trip to the past I’d love.


“It’s not the amount of time that makes something real. It’s what happens in that time.” (Freeks, Amanda Hocking)

This really puts time into a unique perspective. That you shouldn’t race against it, but value it along with everything inside of that time. It’s not limitless and you don’t know when time will just stop.


More to come soon…



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