Scars Are Forever (Shooting Scars – A Book Review)

Shooting Scars
Author: Karina Hale
Published: 2013

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Shooting Scars

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A dangerous kind of love…

Ellie Watt, con-artist and bad ass. Ellie Watt has also gotten herself into a tight situation. After messing up her latest con against Camden McQueen, and then falling in love with him, she now must save him. To do that, she is forced to team up with drug lord and ex-boyfriend, Javier. Now, she’s trapped with him and his gang of killers on a tirade.

Camden McQueen, tattoo artist and bad ass. Camden is in turmoil after Ellie is taken and he is left with his psycho ex-wife and young son, Ben. He’s in love with Ellie, but he must take care of his family as well. He won’t leave her to her fate. Will being chased down by the law for a crime he didn’t commit stop him? Definitely not.

But when he does find Ellie will he leave her to her new life or will the hunger of vengeance consume him entirely?


Ellie Watt has never lead the typical life. The massive scar on her leg is proof of that. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it though. To have it, she must fight for it, which means doing a whole lot of bad things she doesn’t want to do, including going up against the man that gave her that nasty scar.

Remember I said that I was working on sequels this month? Well, here’s another one!!


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Sins & Needleshere


I have mixed feelings about this sequel. IT was good, but it just didn’t hold up to Sins & Needles. It picks up right where it ended. Ellie leaves with Javier, the drug lord and ex-boyfriend, in order to save Camden and his family’s lives. It’s quite honorable of a con-artist to do such a thing, and rare, and not selfish. It was shocking.

The action is jammed packed in this exotic and dangerous book. Ellie is going to South America for her biggest con yet and the reward is Camden staying alive. She must kill the man who took her family and gave her her scar. Hale detail really painted the country in such a raw, yet luscious light. It wasn’t just the beautiful parts that she depicted, but also the gritty parts as well, both with the people and the landscape. I was getting a Queen of the South vibe from this book. Twists and turns everywhere and You better be careful of who you trust.

Shooting Scars-Freelance Magazine

Ellie is good at handling herself under pressure though, and I admire that. In a world of drugs, guns, and cons, she was strong and I really liked that. Even more, she proved that you can break and be strong. You can be afraid as long as you fight for what you want. She really pulled at my heartstrings with that.

Ellie has a type and her type is psycho. LOL. Camden is still on his tiny loco train, desperate to get Ellie back to point that he gets pretty stupid. Really, he’s not so bright and always flying off the cuff. Then there’s her ex, Javier, and he’s downright SCARY. He’s cruel and abusive.

The POV of both Ellie and Camden really added to the book. In Sin & Needles it was only Ellie, but I’m really glad to get a chance to look inside Camden’s noggin. It was enlightening, though I’m still wary of the man. These two are a fiery passion and that’s definitely something to be desired. They are meant for each other.



This didn’t live up to the hype of the first book for me. Javier was all over the place, flip-flopping. And I can’t deal with Ellie being into men that don’t come off as mentally stable. Camden isn’t so bad, but when he gets in a mood it was scary. And at times, the book got really corny and cliché, but that’s mass market romance for you. They’re built for the HEA (Happily Ever After).



“I was trapped with a man that would either love me or kill me.” (Ellie, p. 1)

“Tattoos were self-expression in its rawest and most permanent form. They weren’t for one set of people or another.” (Camden, p. 44)

“You sacrifice nothing and gained everything…” (Javier to Ellie, p. 155)

“He who casts doubt on himself is often as good as dead.” (Gus to Camden, p. 190)

“Lose your heart but don’t fucking lose your head. You don’t know if you’ll get that back.” (Gus to Camden, p. 276)


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