Speedy Quote Sunday

Speedy Quote Sunday

Hello, my bookish clan!

Sometimes there are book quotes that linger with you. You’ll look back on them as help bring clarity and meaning to your life. That or they just make you and laughter is the cure for sadness. Do it as often as possible.

“Anything whole can be broken. And anything broken can be put back together again. That is the meaning of Abracadabra. I create what I speak.” (The Rules of Magic, Alice Hoffman)

I love this because nothing is ever permanently broken. Some things take longer to heal than others. Nothing is invincible, especially the heart.

“Secrets have a way of twisting themselves around your heart like a python and choking the joy out of you.” (Willow, V. C. Andrews)

Secrets always feel like this. Ever notice that? No matter if their good or bad, you just want to let them out.


“Without hope, people become desperate to escape the pain. They seldom see the rhythms in their own lives, how dark phases come before new beginnings.” (Daughters of the Moon, Lynne Ewing)

There’s always those times that you become hopeless and wondering if things will ever get better, especially if it seems like they never will. Never stop having hope, that what this reminds me of.

More to come soon…


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