War Bleeds Red and Silver (Glass Sword – A Book Review)

Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Published: 2016

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Scarlet Reader


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Rated T for understandable trust issues and bearing the treacherous weight of a revolution.


Kneel or bleed.

Mare Barrow is just getting used to being different. A Red, but also a Silver. She bleeds red, but she has powerful Silver abilities. She can feel electric currents and shot lightning from her hands, which also earned her the nickname, Lightning Girl, much to her chagrin.

Having escaped from execution by the new king and ultimate betrayer, Maven who was once her friend and fiancé, she and Cal are on the move with the Scarlet Guard. Granted, Cal is with them more or less against his will. With the help of the Guard and other unexpected allies, Mare and many others, including her brother Shade who was thought to be dead, hurry to find the others, like her and Shade, from the list that Julian left her. They’ll need to hurry too.

Maven has been laying down new laws, causing Reds to rage. His grip tightens, but Mare is determined to fight back and free everybody from the tyrant. But, in doing so, she runs the risk of becoming something dark and deadly. This fight against the monsters, Maven and his mother, threatens to turn her into one herself. Under the weight of this revolution and her comrades has she already been lost? At what cost is it enough?


Scarlet Reader

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First off…SHADE IS ALIVE! I REPEAT, SHADE IS ALIVE. Since this is known, I’m not considering it a spoiler. Even in Red Queen when it was thought he was dead, the way Mare talked about him made he have such a crush on him! Ugh. Unreal. Love him. Annnd, yes, I got to the end and bawled my eyes out!

Scarlet Reader


The book brought me from sneaking around to full-on guerilla rebellion. I understood why Mare began to harden herself. There’s nobody she can trust outside of Shade, and even that was a little shaky. With all of the weight everybody put on her shoulders, forcing her to do what they didn’t want to, it’s no wonder she hardened harder than diamond. The young woman did things she should never have been forced into and put in positions that she didn’t deserve to be in! It outright grinds at me that she’d get glared at and chastised and be avoided and resented and yet, she does what they wanted her to do! They wanted her to lead this rebellion and when she does, she became the evil one. Rebellion isn’t clean. It’s dark and both sides get hurt. This isn’t a place to eat your cake and keep it pretty too. The one thing I hope for Mare is that she finds a light in the darkness to hold on to through this so she doesn’t lose herself.

Scarlet Reader


Maven. Maven. MAVEN. That sniveling shitbrain. I’m still a bit stunned from his betrayal. The way he dropped his Silver fist over his country was pretty horrifying. There are so many characters that I’m still mourning that died at his hands. Yet, there’s something compelling about him. He, in his own twisted way, loves Mare, and I hate to say it, but I feel like Cal doesn’t because he’s too afraid to, which in a way, is understandable and simultaneously left me very uncomfortable because I don’t like that the antagonist is more in love with her than Cal. That’s just unnerving.

Scarlet Reader


So much is happening in this book. I’m still processing it all. The Lakelanders, the ones that Reds are being forced to fight against, have a much larger role than I ever imagined. Romance is not a big player in this book. Power. Freedom. Rebellion. Trust. These are what rule the pages. Romance takes a small part, but not in the grand scheme and I really liked that. There was comfort to be had, but there was also heartbreak. Heartbreak from loss and failure.

There was so much action as well as new supernatural abilities. I was so excited and stoked! Being on the front lines of all of this was exhilarating too!

I had so many predictions and I hate that some of them came to pass. I was so strung at the end that I could barely breathe. A real feckin’ mess, I’m telling you.

Scarlet Reader


I think if I had anything to complain about this book it would be how often it reflects back on Red Queen. It did it so often that it was getting ridiculous. I know what happened in the first book and if any reader decided to read this book before that one then they should be told to go read it, not given a play-by-play. With knowing what happened, I really think Aveyard could’ve loosened up on it. I’m not a dummy. I remember it all. My heart ached for all that happened and thanks to this book, it now bleeds.



My nerves are shot, but am I going to read the next book because I’m addicted to pain? SURE! It’s no wonder I got through this so fast. I couldn’t put it down. There’s hope within me that is begging for Mare to be okay. I don’t know what’ll happen in King’s Cage. I’m getting ready to start it. But, I’m intensely attached to this series and must see it to the end no matter how badly it destroys me. Wow, this is taking me back to The Arcana Chronicles and that series drove me to need a drink after its latest installment, The Dark Calling.



“Anyone can betray anyone.” (p. 98)

“The best part about thieves is that you can trust them—to do their worst” (Mare, p. 183)

“I have been running for so long. Since before all this even started. Even back in the Stilts, I was a runner. Avoiding my family, my fate, anything I didn’t want to feel. And I am still racing now. From those who would kill me—and those who would love me.” (Mare, p. 249)

“We can’t choose who we love. I wish, more than anything, that we could.” (Mare to Kilorn, p. 255)

“No one is born evil, just like no one is born alone. They become that way, through choice and circumstance.” (Julian to Mare, p. 411)

More to come soon…



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