Wicked, The Trilogy – A Review

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So at the beginning of the month, I finished the final book of this trilogy, Brave and promised a review of the series since it is a part of my New Year’s Resolution to read five series. And yes, I’m considering this a series since there are more than two books. You may disagree and that’s A-okay. The Wicked trilogy consists of Wicked, Torn, and Brave. The reviews to them are below:



Wicked: here

Torn: here

Brave: here

If you have read the reviews then you already know just how hard I have gushed and fangirled over this trilogy. I didn’t imagine I’d fall so hard in love with it. While it does get hot and heavy, it’s not just that. Not. At. All. It’s amazing storytelling in a phenomenal city of enthralling danger.

In New Orleans, Ivy Morgan is just trying to hold on to some semblance of normal in her life by going to college. Her entire life has consisted of training and knowing that she could die very young, as many do in this profession because her and others in the same line of work know that humans aren’t the only thing strolling around the French Quarter. She and others known as The Order hunt fae.

Then in comes a new transfer. Ren Owens. Immediately, Ivy is taken off-guard by his bright, forest green eyes and unfiltered charm. They nearly break down her barriers, but after what happened four years ago, she’s not ready to let anybody new into her life. So, she’s even less thrilled when he becomes her new partner.

More so? It seems the world just might be coming to an end. Perfect timing, right? Not only is Ivy struggling with how she feels about Ren, but these two will have to work together to find out what’s behind it and how to stop it, and the secrets they discover along the way will change everything.

While I loved everything from the phenomenal and vibrant depiction of New Orleans, which only makes me want to visit the city even more, to the incredible and mind-blowing character development that left me pining, I still have some questions.

For those of you who haven’t read this yet, be warned. It’s a bit spoiler-y.

Some questions I have and am contemplating:

At one point, Ivy was going to look for Jerome because the cranky cake addict was the last living person aside from mind-bent Merle and that didn’t really happen. It’s just my personal curiosity, but where is he? I mean, he’s alive, right? Ivy still owes him cake LOL.

This next one came directly after it was discovered that Ivy is a halfling. Which of her parents is the fae? Again, a personal curiosity, but still…That’s a story I’d love to hear.

Also, I’m so curious about Tink’s true name. Will Ivy ever be trusted enough to know it?

End of spoiler-worthy talk.

The Characters:

There was so much to love about this series. Going back to the characters, Ren and Ivy had some of the most electric chemistry that I’ve ever felt. My hairs stood up on end a few times and there were shivers to be had. What they have is so natural and realistic and I admired it so much! With the hot and beautiful and smile-worthy came the heartache and cringe-y and awkward. So much awkward. I can’t express enough how much I laughed.

Then there’s the star of this book or at least the one that was the most unforgettable. The last of his kind. Tink, the brownie. Such a little bastard that he is, he’s also sweet in his own way. Except for the fucking troll dolls. That just wasn’t right in the head. He’s one of those rare friends that will always be honest and true and loyal and let you fall on your face while abusing your Amazon and Netflix accounts. But while abusing your Amazon account, they’ll be sure to buy you a cool AF T-shirt because they love you. Much like Ivy and Ren, I can’t pick a favorite part with Tink.

The End:

Coming to the end of this trilogy was actually pretty difficult. It moves at a hard and sharp pace that had no intention of slowing down so I had no idea how it would end, but it did and on a very light and sweet note that left Ivy and Ren’s story open in case it would be returned to later.

Now, there are two novellas out there: 1,001 Nights: The Prince & 1,001 Nights: The King. I’ll have to look into those…

The Author:

When it comes to Jennifer L. Armentrout I must say that she is inspiring. Not only does she create fantastic works of paranormal fiction, fantasy, and YA, but she gives them so much life with her perfectly placed pop culture references, puns, wit, and charm.

Currently, she is writing her spin-off series to LUX deemed the Origin series (which I am also hopelessly addicted to). Also, currently released to paperback is her Dark Elements trilogy about a soul-sucking kiss and gargoyles. Not going to lie, I’ve never read about gargoyles, but I’m definitely interested. I also have Storm & Fury-another new release-on my wishlist and can’t wait to read it.




All in all, such a great series by a top-notch author that brings such fantastic and breathtaking storytelling to a whole new level. If you haven’t read it yet, then I hope you get the chance. In my personal opinion, it’s an instant favorite, especially for those who really enjoy Holly Black’s Modern Faerie Tale & Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely Series. This takes them up to a whole new notch, but it’s fae and lusty love with a side of kicking ass and taking no names.

More to comes soon…



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Winter is Over, Summer is Coming… (Brave – A Book Review)

Brave (Wicked #3)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: 2017

On Goodreads

Scarlet Reader


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

Rated E for emotional overdrive that sends not only characters into a frenzy but readers too.


Because behind every evil fae Prince, there’s a Queen…

After torture and dread, Ivy Morgan is finally safe…for the time being. She and Ren have escaped the deadly clutches of fae Prince, Drake, as well as the Order, by hiding in plain sight with the Summer Fae who’ve become unexpected allies. Nobody even knew they were alive. Taking the time to regroup, Ivy is feeling less and less like herself. Something dark and hungry is growing within. Her fae half.

As she struggles to figure out how to handle it, she and others need to make a plan to get rid of Drake once and for all. But when Ren makes a choice he has no right making for Ivy, the results have lasting, painful consequences that could pull them apart.

When unexpected reveals are made, everyone must come together to defeat it, even if it means some of them may not make it out alive. Betrayals are made. Friends are lost. The future is changed forever.

And a queen rises ready to take over the world. Ivy will do whatever it takes to knock her from her would-be throne in New Orleans and save those she loves.


The Wicked trilogy is one of the series on my New Year’s resolution and this is book 3 of 3.


Wicked – Review Here                           Torn – Review Here

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a huge fan of J. L. A. She is a fantastic storyteller and right up my alley. With the pop cultural references, strong emotions, and fast and powerful storytelling that really keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. This is an author that writes for enjoyment and for readers to enjoy, not to analyze and study in how it relates to the world. Just love and enjoy a good story.

That is exactly the case here. The third and final book of this series was so fantastic I wish I could get out all of the words just right, but as usual, I’m such a jumble of sounds because I loved it so much. Ivy and Ren really encompassed a relationship and rose to my top five favorites. They’re a perfect example that relationships take work. Sometimes you’re going to fight and disagree, but you don’t just give up. You pull through it. You work together. I freaking love them. They’ve got the goals, both sexually and intimately. I can’t be the only one who’s read these books and thought: Damn, wish my sex life was this good. LOL.

Scarlet Reader


The struggles that both Ivy and Ren had separately was great and powerful. Not great because it sucked they were struggling. But the detail and length to show it was. It was so real and getting that from the way they feel and think and how they speak. J. L. A. nailed it. I’ve said it in the last two reviews. I can’t say it enough. She has a way of bringing raw and relatable emotions and it’s among one of my favorite things. It really hooked me.

Side Note: Tink’s fucking troll dolls! Can’t spoil it, but WTF, dude!

Scarlet Reader


An unexpected alliance is made with the Summer Fae. The lore of the Summer Fae and Winter has always been intriguing to me. Summer have always been described with warmth and youth while the Winter are cold and torturous. It’s no different here. I really enjoyed how J. L. A. gave life to both sides of the fae. It’s remarkable and so natural. And the depictions between the two are splendid.

Scarlet Reader


The end of this trilogy was rather quick and precise. It wasn’t that it was rushed. It was just done in a sense that the trilogy actually feels unfinished like it can be added to later down the line. For now, Ivy and Ren can rest in a sense. I really enjoyed that. The fight isn’t over and the series could pick up later, but for now, it’s done and I’m pretty dang satisfied. Well, that’s a lie. I’m satisfied with the ending and that it all came around so well, but I WANT MORE! LOL. I know I know. I’m greedy.



To the point, I LOVE this trilogy. Really fantastic and I can’t believe it’s not more popular. Beautiful and intense and quite a bit of action (take that how you want). It’s my sole belief that J. L. A. is completely underrated and deserves more attention because she is bomb! I really can’t wait to come back to this trilogy one day and I stand by my past remark that it needs to be made into a series on HBO.

Keep a look out for the overall summary of the trilogy!



“You’d think the extra fae-ness would’ve given me a nice heart-shaped bottom of something. That I wouldn’t have complained about.” (Ivy, p. 118)

“Sometimes what is necessary isn’t always right.” (Merle, p. 140)

“Just so you know, I like the idea of my vagina being golden. That’s not an insult.” (Ivy to Kyle, p. 222)


More to come soon…



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A Rose, A Key (The Waste Lands – A Book Review)

The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower #3)
Author: Stephen King
Published: 1991

On Goodreads

The Scarlet Reader


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltHalf bolt

Rated P for paradoxical twists that’ll leave you mind-bent.


Then he realized that it was not blood he was looking at, but roses…

Some time has passed and Roland, Eddie, and Susannah are well on their way toward the dark tower. There is conflict within Roland. He is struggling with two alternate realities since he saved Jake from getting shoved into traffic and run over by a car. Now, he can’t tell what’s real. Is Jake dead from him leaving him to die and go after the man in black or is Jake truly alive because he’d never been hit? Roland must fix himself before he completely comes unhinged. They cannot continue onward to the dark tower until he does.


The Dark Tower series is one of the series on my New Year’s resolution and this is book 3 of 7 (technically 8, but I’m not including The Wind Through the Keyhole, though I will be reading it.)


This book really picked up the series’s pace. There was much more action than in the books before it. Roland struggled to fix what he’d done to Jake in The Gunslinger and it put a great strain on the journey to the dark tower for him and his companions. Eddie and Susannah were very helpful in guiding him, though all three of them weren’t sure about where they were going. They followed ka-tet and their guts blindly. It’s really crazy but always keeps me guessing. Nothing about this series is predictable.

My hopes didn’t let me down! Jake returned. Granted it was touch-and-go for a good moment, but Jake is back and I’m so glad. While it’s hard to pick a favorite character, the crew feels complete with him a part of it. I got really giddy when Jake created a bond with Oy, a billy-bumbler. They’re very strange-looking creatures and very much in the so-ugly-they’re-cute category but incredibly brilliant. This one is no exception.

Scarlet Reader

SyFy Wire

Charlie Choo Choo made his debut in this book. In fact, he was one of the major points aside from Jake. It was the main destination of this book actually and without Jake, they wouldn’t have made it. Learning of Charlie led them to Blaine the Monorail. He helped Roland and crew get to Blaine the Mono. Both Charlie and Blaine are super creepy. The kid’s book unnerved me and when Charlie made his appearance I swear I shuddered.

Scarlet Reader

Dark Tower Wiki

The world the crew was in this time is still crazy-wild. So desolate and dangerous. While they moved across the waste lands, there were strange doors, creatures, and crazy, psycho people. The detail is so deep and intricate. King didn’t spare a single sense useless. Sometimes the density made me slow down some, but I didn’t give up on it.

Also really admired the images created to help add to the story, such as Roland’s explanation of the dark tower and how it’s the pinnacle of all universes. It really does help and give better visuals for certain bits. Not only did it give me something better to go on, but I saw it how the characters did.

Scarlet Reader - Dark Tower

The Waste Lands



This book left off on such a cliffhanger! I can’t wait to get to the next one. I’m really glad I didn’t give up on this series. Incredibly inventive and creative and dark. I’m so living for it! While it’s uber twisty and sometimes a struggle to get my brain to keep up with all of the overlapping time paradoxes, I just can’t get enough.



“We are ka-tet, which means a group of people bound together by fate. The philosophers of my land sad a ka-tet could only be broken by death or treachery…” (Roland, p. 422)

“You’re a long way from Forty-second Street, sweetheart—hope is a great thing, no matter what anyone says, but don’t hope so hard you lose sight of that one thought: you’re a long way from Forty-second Street…” (Eddie, p.460)

“Old ways are sometimes the best ways.” (Roland, p. 471)


More to come soon…

  – K.


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The Chase Is On… (The Gunslinger – A Book Review)

The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower #1)
Author: Stephen King
Published: 1982

On Goodreads

Scarlet Reader

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltHalf bolt

Rated M for a complex, multi-dimensional mindfuck that you just can’t put down because you really want to figure it out more than that puzzle box from Hellraiser.


“The man in black fled across the dessert and the gunslinger followed.”

In a desolate reality that mirrors ours in horrifying ways. A lone gunslinger going by the name of Roland makes his way across the desert land with Jake from our reality. As a gunslinger, Roland is charged with protecting good, or whatever is left of it. His world has ‘moved on’ and the only way to salvage what’s left of it is to catch the man in black.

While the journey has been a long one already, Roland knows that the man in black has all of the answers and secrets that will guide him. See, this is only the beginning of the gunslinger’s journey toward the Dark Tower.


The Dark Tower series is one of the series on my New Year’s resolution and this is book 1 of 7 (technically 8, but I’m not including The Wind Through the Keyhole, though I will be reading it.)


How do I begin with this one?

Scarlet Reader


This really was a complex mindfuck. With the utmost originality that can only come out of the mind of the King, this is a series of some epic fantasy. It doesn’t touch Lord of the Rings or any other fantasy series because it’s a league of its own. I don’t say that because this is better than them. It’s not. It’s on the level. I say it because it lives on a plane all its own with its own mythology, language, world. It has a universe all to itself that doesn’t touch anything else. It’s an original work.

I both enjoyed and disliked The Dark Tower. When I finished it, I decided that this came across as a primer/prologue than it did a book in series. You spend more time getting to know Roland and his world and what his journey will entail thden you do actually moving in any form of progression.

So, here comes the downside. While taking in what this series would entail, I found the book to be drawn out in detail. There were times where I thought I could fall asleep from boredom because it was so lengthy. I love attention to detail. It makes the story extremely immersive, but it felt overdone, like a burnt piece of barbeque. It comes across as dull at times and I just wanted to move forward.

Scarlet Reader


Racing to catch up with the man in black proved to be tricky for Roland. There were many obstacles, some of which were put in place by the man in black. Dark and totally on the mark, Roland didn’t let anything get in his way to get to his objective. For me, it was haunting. I wonder if everything he did was worth what he got.

Side Note: I have seen the film for The Dark Tower and I must say it didn’t live up to what I imagined. One day, I hope to see this picked up by HBO or Starz or even Netflix so it can receive the amazing glory and following of that like GOT. It deserves to have the time it takes to tell an intricate tale like this.

Scarlet Reader

Consequence of Sound



Reading this book was like starring at a piece of artwork, in a museum, that you don’t understand. But, you’re going to stand there and stare at it until you discover it because it’s beautiful and it whispers some kind of secret and meaning. That’s kind of how it went down. Not a bad read, but damn if I wasn’t enthralled with semi-glazed over eyes. Don’t mistake that for me thinking this book royally sucked. It didn’t. It was fantastic. It’ll definitely need another read though.



 “Nineteen would open the secret. Nineteen was the secret.” (p. 56)

“While you travel with the boy, the man in black travels with your soul.” (p. 141)

“Time’s the thief of memory.” (p. 177)


More to come soon…



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When the Bees are Long Gone (Stung – A Book Review)

Stung (Stung #1)
Author: Bethany Wiggins
Published: 2013

On Goodreads

Stung - The Scarlet Reader

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


There is no cure for being stung.

One minute Fiona is thirteen and being put to sleep for her safety and the safety of everyone else, the next she wakes up older and confused. There’s a strange tattoo on her hand, but these tattoos marked the infected, mindless, violent beasts.

Worse, she’s on the wrong side of the wall. She doesn’t know why or how, except that she’ll have to conceal her tattoo by any means necessary, especially after she’s caught by the militia. Now she’ll have an old friend and a new, shaky ally to stay alive as it becomes more obvious that she isn’t like the other tattooed beasts.

In this world, where a bee sting was more dangerous than anything else, Fiona may just help save it. That is, if she doesn’t end up dead first.


Fiona reawakens in a world that has completely crumbled because of the extinction of bees. People have to self-pollinate their fields. Women are scarce. Violent being that were once people roam the desolate world, destroying any living thing that crosses its paths.


How was this book? It is straight down the middle for me. It was good, but it wasn’t great. Call me psycho or morbid or anything, but I’ve always wondered about a world without the bees. It’s a real possibility. They’re going extinct and it sucks. I love bees. They help gives all kinds of things we need from food to beauty to life. So, I was pretty amped up. BUT. Yep, a but. Everyone has them and we all like to shake them. So, here’s a little shake-shake. There were pros and cons to this book.

Fiona was an interesting character. She struggled with her new reality because in her head she still felt like she was thirteen. I found that to be one of the COOLEST things in this book. It was so unique and incredibly realistic. Fiona had to play catch-up really fast and she had some help from her old neighbor/slash friend, Bowen, who’s no longer thirteen either, but seventeen, nearly eighteen. While there’s a spark between them, the progression between them went from subtle and gentle to suddenly macho speed and was very weird. He was so guarded against her and by the end of the book it was as if he couldn’t live without her. Just the way it came about was too rushed for my liking.

Scarlet Reader - Slow Down

The plot of the story was predictable and reminded me of The Maze Runner, but I loved it anyway. The way it came about was unique and bleak. I was thriving to see more of it. Wiggins did such a great job creating this dead world. I could imagine the dead and barren, grey wasteland and the vibrant, tech city behind a great wall. The law and lack thereof in this universe were horrifying. You don’t want to be a girl here. Although, not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind reading a book where men are the rare ones alive. Just saying.

Some parts of the book came off as ridiculous and filler. Not good filler either, sadly. The flashbacks on Fiona’s life really added to her backstory, but it was some of the interaction between her and Bowen that felt like too far of a stretch. Like, it was forced. However, there were some lines that were so good they took my breath away.

As I said, this book was right down the middle.



I like and didn’t like this. It’s really a 50/50. I may read the sequel just to see how it goes for Fiona and see if she and Bowen could have a life together. This wasn’t a mind-blower, just a decent read to pass the time.



“I don’t remember going to sleep. All I remember is waking up here—a place as familiar as my own face.” (Fiona, p. 1)

“I will not die without fighting for a life I am not yet done living.” (Fiona, p. 253)


More to come soon…



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Sundown Rundown – July, 2018


Good evening bookworms!

The sky is a wild array of oranges, reds, pinks, and purples. The sun is cresting the horizon, ready to sleep for the night. The stars are peeking out. It’s dusk, my favorite time of day, and this is the Sundown Rundown where I tell you all that I’ve read and reviewed this month.

So, if you missed a review or a ramble then this is a good place to catch up!

On a side note: Orange is the New Black, Season 6 came out just a few days ago and it was wild, intense, and I believe it shed some light on some very real issues. Still with the comedy and awkwardness, it’s still freaking amazeballs.

It’s been a busy and surprisingly long month. So, here we go!




Author: Anne Rice

Rowan, leader of the Mayfair coven is missing. Her husband is going mad without her. Lasher, a free demon now, holds her hostage, trying to get children out of her. Looking to be disturbed a bit? This is a great one! Paranormal takes a bit of a V.C. Andrews twist in this follow-up to The Witching Hour.




Author: Dean Koontz

Every time lightning strikes he is there, her guardian angel. From the night she was born and onward, he’s watched over her, but why? Romance, sci-fi, and tragedy as twisted into one. And if you have an infatuation about lightning like me then read this.


How to Hang A Witch

How to Hang a Witch

Author: Adriana Mather

WITCH! A curse hangs over Salem, Massachusetts and it’s up to Sam Mather and a ghost to put an end to it before the torches and pitchforks start coming after her.


Burning Maze

The Apollo Trials: The Burning Maze

Author: Rick Riordan

Book three of The Apollo Trials. Filled with more comedy from the teenaged Apollo as well as tragedy and struggle, this time, from down in the labyrinth. With new additions to his quest, it’s soon realized that this may be bigger than Apollo realized.


Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely

Author: Melissa Marr

Faeries are all around you. The key is to not acknowledge them in anyway. For Ash, that proves nearly impossible until her way of life is threatened. Then she’s designated to bring an end to a curse over the Summer fey. Can she resist the Summer King, Keenan, though? And what about her best friend Seth?


Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone

Author: Tomi Adeyemi

Magic is gone. It’s been killed. But a spark creates hope. A rebel, a princess, and the responsible one go to turn magic back on and possibly bring back the god and save their homeland, Orisha.


The Mermaid

The Mermaid

Author: Christina Henry

After loss of her husband, Amelia waits by the ocean, wishing for him to come back. Then she is convinced to move on and join P.T. Barnum’s museum. They’re looking for a mermaid, and aren’t they lucky? They just found one. but, they don’t believe it, and all Barnum sees is money when he looks at her.


Water For Elephants

Water for Elephants

Author: Sara Gruen

Tragedy and romance under the big top. Jacob becomes the vet for the circus after the loss of his parents. During the Great Depression, he finds one of the greatest times of his life an one of the hardest.




Author: Sarah Fines

Get pulled—dragged—into this intense rush. The world has collapsed environmentally. Cacy, a Ferry and a paramedic, gets a new partner. Eli. Both of them are undeniably attracted to each other and both of them have secrets. Drama. Tragedy. And holy hell, romance.


Jay's Journal

Jay’s Journal

Author: Anonymous

A slow building, scary story. Boy gets involved in witchcraft that turns into Satanism that ultimately leads to his death. The really scary part? It’s all true.


Favorite Book this Month: There were so many that were really enjoyable. This month there was a tie. Children of Blood and Bone and Marked. They both got me tied up. Children worked me over with it’s beautiful world and how the story was an incredible parallel with our own world. Marked hooked me with its nonstop action and characters that had explosive chemistry. I really couldn’t choose. The magic in both of these books was off the wall.

Least Favorite Book the Month: Lasher. As wonderful as the in-depth detail and characters and the darkness of witchcraft was, I was lagging during this book. I could’ve skipped over a good bit of what went on. That ruins a great novel, I know, but the length really put me off. The supernatural is my favorite, but like I said, I dragged. I just couldn’t get as invested as I wanted to, and trust me, I tried.


Until next month!!


More to come soon…



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To Heaven or Hell With Them (Marked – A Book Review)

Marked (Servants of Fate #1)
Author: Sarah Fine
Published: 2015

On Goodreads


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt Half bolt



In post-apocalyptic Boston,

Supernatural factions battle

For human souls.

 In a world that’s been swamped by environmental collapse—coasts have flooded, countries have gone dry or iced over, and disease has spread—Boston paramedic and heiress, Cacia-Cacy-Ferry risks her life on the front lines in the dangerous city. What most don’t know is that she also ferries those who die on to the afterlife. That’s right, she goes into limbo to make sure souls go where they need to go, whether to heaven or to the fiery depths of hell.

Enter, new transfer and partner to Cacy, Eli Margolis, who has a past of his own, and who’s only concerned with making sure his sister is safe. Though wary of the Ferry family, Eli finds himself attracted to Cacy. Cacy isn’t sure about jumping into a relationship, but she can’t stay away from Eli either. But, when he’s marked for death, Cacy will do whatever it takes to save him, even risk her future, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her and his sister.

This book marks 13 out of 25 authors, from my New Year’s resolution, that I’ve never read from before. Every once in a while…okay a little more than that, I will pluck a book at random to give myself a chance to read something new. This is one of them.

A death rocks the Ferry family and Cacy won’t stop until she finds out who did it. She blames the Ker-vicious, sharp toothed, red eyed, greedy creatures that mark people for death, much like the fates. The Ferry an Ker factions are close to war and Eli has no idea just how in the middle of it he and his sister are. And let me just say, I wish I knew more about these factions. There wasn’t enough information on them at the start. It was about halfway through the novel that I had a hook on them and how they worked.

This book was intense, steamy, and supernatural. I was just hanging on for dear life as Cacy’s and Eli’s lives collided. This was so action packed whether from heart pumping danger or seriously sexy moments that were breath stealing. I really enjoyed it. This was certainly one of those stories filled with drama, romance, and everything else under the sun. It’s fantastic and shock worthy! There was a lot I didn’t see coming.

Side note: This isn’t YA. It contains mature language and sexual content. However, that’s not to say young adults can’t it shouldn’t read it. They’ll read whatever they please. This is just a warning that it actually doesn’t fall into that genre.

I get really into world-building and this one was really interesting. Our planet is in a bit of a rough spot as it is with climate change and pollution, so Fine’s creation/morph of the world in her book is nice! She captured future in which the world rages back against humanity incredibly and realistically. A third of the world was wiped out from disease and from there everything else just collapsed. People are stealing organs like plucking apples from a tree, and technology has advanced so that vehicles can drive right on to the water and medical supplies It’s so creative, yet a great way to play on the real world. This alone really got me interested in reading this.


The chemistry between Cacy and Eli was electrifying! They’re hot and cold and HOT! It’s gasp worthy. They connected instantly and I couldn’t get enough. The build-up was enough to make me pop.

I loved that they both had a story and that they collided. They’re incredible together—a wildfire blazing in a dark world. Eli doesn’t come off as a hot shot nor an overly broody man. The way that Cacy is so straightforward, knowing what she wants, and she’s strong is powerful and endearing. I love a female character like this, especially because she kicks ass and takes names. Both she and Eli propel into danger for those they care about. That trait is always one that sweeps me off my feet.

Dead of Winter

Fine’s writing was incredible. It was entertaining and gripping. I couldn’t put this book down! My heart skipped beats. My pulse was racing. The supernatural element was fresh and original. However, I did find it a little confusing every once in a while. I wish the way the way Cacy’s supernatural ability worked was more accessible. Every once in a while, it just didn’t get through to me or was a little repetitive. I did think it was interesting, how dark and light intermingled with how heaven and hell were described by Cacy. I just wish the imagery had been stronger with limbo, the marked, the coin that moved the dead to their afterlives, and the Ker.

Overall, this was a pretty good book. This wasn’t a what I consider a literary piece, but it was a fun ride! There many parts I reread because I couldn’t get enough. I hope to find the second book sometime in the future. For those of you that enjoy really in depth, supernaturally original. Oh, and this is totally not YA.


“Life isn’t fair, Cacy, and neither is death.” (Dec to Cacy, p. 58)

“I’m on your side, Eli. There is more going on here than you understand, but there one thing you can count on. She. Is. Yours.” (Moros to Eli, p. 210)

“I see you better than you see yourself.” (Cacy to Eli, p. 283)

“I don’t believe in deserving. You haven’t deserved most of what has happened to you. But it happened anyway. So did we.” (Cacy to Eli, p. 285)

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