I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying – A Book List

There are books out there that really yank on the heart. They yank so hard that you cry, and those teardrops fall onto the pages, seeping in. Those tear-jerkers are emotional gutbusters. I like these kinds of books every once in a while. They evoke some deep emotions. Make me feel like I’m not an utter robot. That’s good right? Of course! We all need a good cry sometimes.

Cry Cry

Here are some phenomenal tear-jerkers that you can fall asleep crying to at night.



A Walk to Remember
Author: Nicholas Sparks

A Walk to Remember

Landon Carter had gone with a girl or two. And then he met Jamie, the town minister’s daughter and the last person he ever thought he’d fall in love with. She was quiet, always carried her Bible and was content living her life in her own way with her own beliefs.

After getting partnered with Jamie for a project, Landon’s life was never the same

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the thing about jellyfish
Author: Ali Benjamin

The Thing About Jellyfish

After her best friend dies in a drowning accident, Suzy is determined to figure out the real cause of it and she believes it’s because of a jellyfish sting. She will stop at nothing to prove this theory, retreating into her own world to prove it. Her journey leads her to explore life, death, and aching tragedy as she struggles with a reality without her friend.

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The Fault in Our Stars
Author: John Green

The Fault in Our Stars

Though her tumor has shrunk, giving her a few extra years, Hazel is terminal…dying. And she accepts it. When Augustus Waters appears at a support group Hazel knows that her life—at least the end of it—will never be the same.

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Before I Die
 Author: Jenny Downham

Before I Die

This is Tessa’s story. She’s rebelling, Amid this rebellion, she has ten things she wants to do to release her from this restraining life she’s been living, and why not? She gets a taste of new reality that send her spinning and yet, ground her. As she goes on completing her goals, reality sets in as she is reminded of what’s most precious, making her wish that she wasn’t dying.

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Bridge to Terabithia
 Author: Katherine Paterson

Bridge to Terabithia

Jess Aarons has one goal. To be the fastest runner in his grade. He’s been practicing, but that means nothing when the new girl, Leslie Burke, beats him and everyone else. Bold and kind, she and Jess become fast friends, and they come to create one of the most magical places of the imagination—Terabithia.

Just close your eyes and keep your mind wide open.

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Perks of Being a Wallflower
Author: Stephen Chbosky

Perks of Being a Wallflower

Caught up in adolescence, Charlie tries to steer through carefully. From first dates to family drama to young love to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, he is stuck between living his life and running from it. Charlie will learn to navigate this crazy ride called life.

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If I Stay
Author: Gayle Foreman

If I Stay

Mia is caught between life and death after a car crash kills her parents and little brother. But, he’s telling her to stay. Adam. From having many choices to having only one, will she fight to remain or let go and be with her family?

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To Love Would Be an Awfully Big Adventure (Love & Misadventure – A Book Review)

Love & Misadventure
Author: Leav Lang
Published: 2013

Love & Misadventure - SR

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

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While I am not a person who seeks out poetry, when I do find a book of that truly reaches out to me, I’ll seize it faster than Carpe Diem. I do have a love for poetry, though I don’t read it with the same ferocity as I do with YA or supernatural fiction. That love is strong and passionate and vulnerable which also makes it scary because I’ll find myself relating to it in ways you never thought.

So when I found this book, I spent a month debating whether I wanted to add it to my ever-growing library or not. While only looking at it from the outside, it was elegant and intimidating, but on the inside it was alive with so many emotions. Leav Lang uses various things, like fairs, rides, bright lights and more, that awaken and inflame the excitement of love and adventure in us all.


The book is divided in to three parts.

Part I: Misadventure

Part II: The Circus of Sorrows

Part III: Love

Each section bares a part of Lang that you can almost touch, and mostly certainly feel, like butterflies tickling the inside walls of her chest as they fly around your heart. Threadbare and vulnerable are most definitely likely while reading and getting lost in the words on the pages. However, there are a couple of poems that have ripped the wings off of some of those butterflies. Not to say that new butterflies have replaced those, though. Their wings are various colors in relation to the feelings that erupt from the poems.

This book of poetry is extremely beautiful in giving you the experience of highs and lows of such strong emotions. Exploring them in various prose and verses has never seemed so bright. I’m used to seeing it seem so morose and filled with sorrow. This was extremely refreshing.


Below are some of the poems that struck me the deepest.

An Endearing Trait (p. 23)

The scatterbrain,
   is a little like,
   patter of rain.

Neither here,
   nor there,
   but everywhere.

As I write this poem down for you to read, it is raining outside. For some reason that feels significant. This isn’t some light rain. There’s thunder and lightning, reminding me of the summer rains. This poem is one of my utmost favorites from the book and it’s for the simplest of reasons. I relate to being scatterbrained so easily and I would’ve never thought to compare it to rain. The way it can come down in large drops or small, and how it can be in one spot and not in another. More so, the way drops will come down, spread out; it was just perfect. A person can be the same way.

My mind moves so fast and sometimes I leave things behind and it just happens. It’s not something you have control over. Upon reading such a great comparison, I actually squealed happily because it’s so true and such a delightful way of expressing it.


Circus Town (p. 45)

From a city so bright
            to a strange little town;
            on a carousel spinning,
            around and around.

The dizzying height,
            of the stars from the ground.

The world all alight—
            With his sights, his sounds.

It’s like a rush of the bright lights and wind on a ride and the way it makes you dizzy. That’s what new love is like, or so I imagine. Yes, I must confess. I am a girl who’s never been in love. But, as I read this poem I feel like it must be quite similar, making you feel heady much like these things do and feel excited from the endorphin rush.

rollercoaster scene


After You (p. 65)

If I wrote it in a book,
            could I shelve it?

If I told of what you took,
            would that help it?

If I will it,
            can I un-feel it?
            now I’ve felt it?

This is one of the ones that made my heart drop a little bit. Who hasn’t ever wished they could un-feel something? Sadly, it’s impossible to take back feelings that have been had, and tainted. They leave a shadow and sometimes a pang, and the destruction feels irreparable. As has always been said though, it’s always darkest before the dawn, and before you know it you’ll be glad you couldn’t throw away those feelings you had because you could look back at everything that was good about them.


Beauty’s Curse (p. 95)

Her brow is drawn
            to worlds of dark;
            where arrows spring
            and miss their mark.

She’ll turn their heads—
            but not their hearts.

This poem strikes true with real life. It’s difficult to express, but beauty is often what people see first. Here, I feel like ‘she’ tries and tries, but always seems to miss out of finding love because each possible partner only sees how beautiful she is. Everything else about her gets lost.

There’s more to a person that what can only be seen.


Wishful Thinking (p. 99)

You say that you are over me,
            my heart—
            it skips,
            it sinks.

I see you now with someone new,
            I stare,
            I stare,
            I blink.

Someday I’ll be over you,
            I know,
            I know—
            I think.

With each new stanza, I saw the process of wishing you weren’t in love with this person who was no longer in love with you. It’s a longing you want to obliterate but can’t. You’re heart still pangs with the shadow of that love you have for that person, and as time goes on will it dwindle? Will it ever go away forever? Who knows?


This was truly a phenomenal book that allowed me to get lost, not so much in a fairy tale, but a wispy dream. I enjoyed the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding for certain  emotions I face in my own life very much.

I most certainly will come back to it and reread my favorite poems.


More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Wild Horses by The Sundays

Living Forever Isn’t Everything (Evermore – A Book Review)

Hello, my clan of bookworms! Hope all is well. Truly. Today I’m looking at Evermore by Alyson Noel.

Author: Alyson Noel
Published: 2009


My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull bolt


Spaz. Freakazoid. These are names that Ever Bloom has become accustomed to hearing from her classmates and even her friends. They’re not wrong. If they knew why she spaced out half the time or tuned out the world with music on high blast then they might understand. Might. After a near death experience and leaving everything behind that she’s always known, Ever hides under a hood, wishing she couldn’t hear people’s thoughts or see their auras or have them touch her, allowing everything about them to be known to her, even what they had for breakfast. Nobody wants to know these things.

Damen Auguste is the new kid of Laguna Beach and has all of the girls fawning over him, but he only has eyes for Ever. He’s always giving her red tulips and finding reasons to talk to her. There’s something off about him right from the get-go though. Unlike everybody else, he doesn’t have an aura. The more time she spends with him, the more she wonders if he knows about what she is capable of, but she can’t seem to stay away from him. He has secrets too and she’s determined to figure them out regardless of how drawn to him she is.

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Symbolism stuck out to me the most in this book. There was so much of it from the auras to the meaning of flowers to the status of the high school hierarchy, and I enjoy that every once in a while. I wish there had been a deeper meaning to bits of these parts however. I only felt like I was at the brim and that there should be more to the tidbits I did get.

The book holds so much originality. It’s not your typical love story. There are blockades keeping it from happening and the story behind it all makes it quite beautiful. That being said, I had trouble with the style in how it was written. It felt like there wasn’t enough said. Whenever I felt like I could’ve used more information, the character moved on with a simple “blah blah” and “this is hokey”. If you tell the reader it’s hokey then they can’t believe in the magic you’re trying to create. And it was so beautiful and fantastical. I just wished for more, kind of like Peter Pan when he calls out, “I do believe in fairies!”

Believe in magic - Tenor GIF Keryboard

This book had me hitch of some parts, but the story itself truly was special. Like a dream of elegance and heartache and loss. The bits I did get caught on didn’t stop me from continuing the series. However, I can’t say I’ll return to it in the future.



For those of you just joining in reading my reviews and craziness, this is where I give you a couple of quotes that really stood out to me in the book and made an impact on me. I feel like they can help make a difference in whether you want to read a book because it doesn’t give the book away, but it doesn’t give a small piece of its heart.


“Before Damen came along, I’d resigned myself to a solitary fate. Not that I was thrilled with the idea of never having another boyfriend, of never getting close to another person again. But how can I date when touch feels so overbearing? How can I be in a relationship when I’ll always know what my partner  is thinking? Never getting the chance to obsess, dissect, and guess at the secret meaning of everything he says and does?” (Ever, p. 78)

“…Sinking down into a happier place. A world without memories. A home without loss. A life where I only see what I’m supposed to.” (Ever, p. 228)

“I hold on to that moment, cradling it in my mind, experiencing the feel, the scents, the sounds, the emotions, as though I’m right. Wanting this to be the last moment I see before I go, reliving the last time I was truly happy.” (Ever, p. 242)


More to come soon…


P.S. Song today? Idle Worship by Paramore.

Fairytale in the Big City (Valiant – Book Review)

Author: Holly Black
Published: 2005

Valiant - Goodreads

Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt


Valerie, betrayed by her mother and cheated on by her boyfriend, runs away to the city that never sleeps. New York City. Slumming in an abandoned subway with a group of squatters, she tries a new drug. One that nobody knows about and is referred to as Never.

“There are three rules: Never more than once a day, never more than a pinch at a time, and never more than two days in a row.”

Its seductive pull is addictive and magical, making almost anything possible with a little glamour. When going out to find some more of the Never, one of Val’s new friends is put in danger by a monstrous creature she only knew to exist in books. In exchange for her services, he lets her friend live.

Soon enough Val discovers there is a thin veil between the realm of faerie and the realm of ordinary humans. The more she grows closer to her monstrous employer, who turns out to be more different than she imagines the more she becomes submerged in all of the magic around her and the more she begins to forget about her previous life.

This is a tale I come back to from time to time. It’s a beautiful twist on the fairy tale creatures that we’ve come to know as children. Trolls in the subway system. Fairies in Grand Central Park. This book brings us back as young adults to such fantastical magic, and for yet another lesson that only fairy tales can bring. Only this time it’s not about a moral code. It’s about the complications we begin to face when we begin to come out of childhood, heartache and acceptance.

Buffy - Once More with Extreme Prejudice

This tale was just what I needed when I was in high school and there are times when I need it these days. I was such a sucker for magic and to this day I still am. Bold, strong and determined, Val became the unsung heroine of the iron city. While she’s no Buffy, she could certainly compete.


(And I’ve realized that I’ve gotten carried away with the Buffy gifs. I couldn’t help myself.)

I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves fairy tales, magic and even true love. I believe that this is the magic we all need in our lives to help us find ourselves as we continue to grow because even though we grow up, fairy tales still have a lot to teach us. Holly Black did a beautiful job in creating one where the monster is capable of love and the ordinary is capable of being a hero.


Excerpt Favorites:

“You know,” Lolli said, “the thing about drugs is that they make things kind of shift, go leftwars and sideways and upside down, but with Never, you can take everyone else upside down with you. What else can do that?” (p. 96)


“Were they sweet tooths? Human thralls willing to do anything for a taste of Never, not even knowing what it was to stick it in your arm or burn it up you nose.tick it in you arm.””(p.226)


More to come soon…


P.S. Today’s song? Real Life Fairytale by Plumb.