The Only Remedy For Love is to Love More (The Rules of Magic – A Book Review)

The Rules of Magic (Practical Magic #1)
Author: Alice Hoffman
Published: 2017

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The Rules of Magic

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Rules of Magic:

Do as you will, but harm no one.

What you give will be returned to you threefold.

Fall in love whenever you can.

For the Owens family, love is a curse that began in 1620, when Maria Owens was charged with witchery for loving the wrong man.  –Goodreads

On the edge of the sixties, Owens siblings, Vincent, Franny, and Jet are invited to Massachusetts to spend a summer with their odd and mysterious Aunt Isabelle, in that one town, in that one house on Magnolia street. Together, and on their own, they discover the many secrets surrounding the Owens family, and the magic. The town has always blamed the family for everything that has gone wrong, but that doesn’t deter them. If anything, it makes them embrace it all even more.

While the Owens siblings embrace their history, they also push it away, trying to refute this family curse. Love snags each of them, putting them on paths that will fulfill their happiness, lead to pain, and send them each on unexpected journeys—the sisters growing to become the aunts so well-known in Practical magic and Vincent leaving behind one life to start a fresh one.


This book was utterly gorgeous. If you’ve read and/or seen the movie, Practical Magic then you know this addition to it is going to be phenomenal. And it was. It really was. The storytelling was lush and filled with and heartwarming and heart-shattering beauty. I was swept away into one of the most incredible tales. It even begins with ‘Once upon a time’.  Just the way Hoffman writes whisks me away in a daydream-like wind. I was breathless and holding my aching heart from beginning to end.

Scarlet Reader - Rules of Magic

The start of the book was a little slow, but picked up really quickly. Each page, I was learning something new about the siblings and their family. This history was ever growing as they grew. This is definitely one of the greatest family lines of witches ever.

“Love as much as possible.”

The siblings were so independent of each other, yet they were close, protecting one another. Jet was falling in love hopelessly and letting it sweep her away. Franny was resisting it and risking a cold heart forever. And Vincent trying to find himself before he could find love. The way they each approached love is something we all can relate, in a way. Personally, I was tearing up with Franny because I could scarily relate to her the most. I don’t ever give my heart way, much like her, always fearing I am the one who will ruin my love and break him. I also believe in respect and trust first before jumping too far in. So, like Franny, I never let anybody get to close. I don’t want to ruin them and I also don’t want to be in pain. Painful, yes. Scary, you better believe it. The Owens were incredible in conquering their curse and living their lives to the fullest. It’s inspiring and my emotions were hitting a peak.

Love and magic intertwine and nearly seem like a single entity in this book and maybe they are the same in real life too. They certainly seem unbelievable, but create a feeling of wonder. As much as I believe in magic, and I totally do, I believe in love. But, like the Owens, it’s tricky and difficult to have. Do it anyway.

My senses were tingling from all of the imagery. It was vivid and powerful. I could smell the Owens’s garden and envision the walks they went on, feel how hard their hearts beat when they were experiencing that little curse called love, as well as feel the fear that shadowed those heavy thuds.  Each surprise was subtle and not overdone for shock value. It made the story even more realistic. Much like with me and everyone, these surprises whether of pain or loss show us what we’re made of and what we’re willing to do.

Scarlet Reader - Rules of Magic

Transitions were abrupt as were scene switches, but blended into each other. I really enjoyed how each parts of life were segments into parts, showing how the Owens moved forward. It didn’t feel glitchy with the cut of each scene, but reminded me of how movies and TV transition. It was perfectly placed and moved the book forward through its span of a lifetime perfectly, right up to the entrance of Sally and Gillian.



Finally getting to read this and Practical Magic, I am even more in love with this story. It’s powerful and all-consuming for me. I love magic and even more when it can be expressed with such elegance, enchantment, and (again) inspiring. This is going up on my favorites shelf and I will keep it in my heart to remind myself to be more open. IT’s with my heart that I’m terrified to take leaps. In the world today, I feel like it can be a little understandable.

Also, having read both books, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a show made of their story. A full-fledged, in depth, show. Starz, HBO, Netflix, I’m calling you out!



“What’s meant to be is bound to happen, whether or not you approve.” (p. 17)

“If you plan on calling yourself a scientist you should be aware that odds don’t matter. The natural world defies statistics.” (Franny to April, p. 89)

“In life we don’t always get what we choose. I gave her what she needed.” (Isabelle to Franny, p. 126)

“Don’t waste time when there’s someone you love.” (Vincent to Haylin, p. 243)

“I just do the best I can to face what life brings. That’s the secret, you know. That’s the way you change your fate.” (Isabelle, p. 258)

“It was said that fate could not be altered, except by one thing and that was war.” (p. 266)


More to come soon…



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Double Double Witchy Toil and Drama (Double Eclipse – A Book Review)

Double Eclipse (Summer on East End #2)
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Published: 2016

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Double Eclipse - Goodreads

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Dear Diary…we’re back.

Twin witches, Molly and Mardi Overbrook are spending another summer in East End with their aunts, Freya and Ingrid. This year they’re avoiding trouble and dedicating themselves to actually enjoying their summer. Mardi is hoping to deepen her new relationship with her boyfriend, Trent and Molly is hoping to forget about her disaster of a relationship from last year. She does just that when she meets the son of the local bartender, Rocky.

When their mother shows up with a mysterious prophecy involving the two of them, their vacation as well as their sisterhood is threatened. Their having strange dreams, father, the great Thor, is hurt, and their emotions are causing strange surges with their powers. They must try to come together if they hope to calm the coming storm that threatens all of East End.


Triple Moon

Triple Moonhere

In another whirlwind of a summer, the girls are discovering even more about themselves and that comes with a large amount of magic and heartbreak. Great turmoil grows between Mardi and Molly as their mom tries to get them to fulfill a prophecy.

Double Eclipse

I’m super excited that I finally got to the sequel of Triple Moon. The fire and fierceness was still crackling in this book with Molly and Mardi getting their feisty witchiness on.

This book picks up the summer following last in Triple Moon. The style is steady and really stayed in tune with the characters and the previous book. Mardi and Molly stayed true to themselves; Mardi being fierce and bold, and Molly being elegant and timeless. With new bombs dropping on the Overbrook twins, so many secrets and issues came to light, really testing the twins’ bond. All that magic tied in? Oh boy…

The POV changed up since the first book. The book still flips between Molly and Mardi which is really neat because while they are twins, they are incredibly different. But, the story is told from their diaries which is unique. It adds to their character, Molly being more classic with writing in a diary and Mardi writing on what I’m guessing is either her cell phone or a laptop.

Double Eclipse - Scarlet Reader

(And when I think about it, Nina Dobrev would be a nice fit as the Overbrook twins.)

And the new hottie addition, Rocky, the new hottie on the scene, made me blush! Sadly, previous hottie, Trent, blipped out. It made me upset. He peeked in and then disappeared and I was really looking forward to seeing him again.

There were a lot of open ends left by the end that I had a few questions too. When that happens, I get irritated. According to Goodreads, there isn’t another book coming either, so I’m a little annoyed that those questions will remain unanswered. It drives me crazy!



This was like Gossip Girl meets Charmed. Double double toil and drama! Summer may be over, but this was a great summer read. Even though I had a lot questions at the end and it made me feel unfulfilled, I still loved it. It’s original and sparking with magic on every page.



“What is it with gods and secrets?” (Molly, p. 37)

“Life is not a gift that can be taken back. It belongs to all sentient creatures—forever.” (Janet, p. 106)


More to come soon…



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You’re Not Jay…(Jay’s Journal – A Book Review)

Jay’s Journal
Author: Anonymous
Published: 1979
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Jay's Journal

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On a cold January night, Jay put a pistol to his head and pulled the trigger.

He was sixteen.

Jay didn’t understand the point of keeping a journal. As a teenager, he’s hormonal and troubled and just trying to find his way. Suddenly, he’s sucked into a group of friends and convinced by his girlfriend to join in on witchcraft, Ouija boards, and demon summoning. As life takes a dark turn, Jay feels isolated with no chance to escape. His only escape are within the pages of this journal.


This book marks 14 out of 25 authors, from my New Year’s resolution, that I’ve never read from before. I’ve met people who’ve read from Anonymous and they really liked the books. I wanted to open up to new authors and this was one of them.


Okay, this book seemed pretty upfront and not all that out of the norm. From my own point of view, magic is neither good nor bad. It’s the believer and practitioner and their intentions that determines whether the magic goes good or bad. So, when I read this, I was real effing shocked by the gradual darkness that swallowed Jay.

Jay's Journal

The magic went from interesting and nifty to dark side. It was unnerving and actually pretty damn scary by the end of the book, and I don’t scare that easy, but this…this was chilling.

Set in the 70s, Jay had an ordinary life. He had normal parents that he felt like were smothering him. Had a sibling, Chad, that looked up to him. It was the typical, nuclear family. More so, the language really promoted the period with such words as neat and Judas. It pulled me into it even more.

It was from Jay’s personal POV that we came across this story. That alone left me a little unnerved. The thing about a POV such as this is that you aren’t looking through a person’s eyes. You’re looking from their personal emotions. The way he recalled everything that happened and how it felt was haunting and unnerving. From out of body experiences to ESP, he wrote it all down. Most of the time he wrote in prose, but from time to time he wrote poetry, which I really liked. The emotions reached great highs and scary lows.

Jay's Journal

What made this book so scary? It’s all true. These are Jay’s real words that his mother allowed to be read by everyone. It’s her hopes that it’ll warn and help others.


This book was just amazing, creepy, and all around a perfect read. It encompassed the time period and emotions. My best friend officially wants to read this book. I recommend to fans of both fiction and nonfiction. This was crazy.




“Night…endless is thy name” (Jay, p. 21)

“All evil lurks inside and hides it so I cannot see. But it sees me.” (Jay, p. 168)


More to come soon…



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